Popular Themes                                                              Base/Add'l Guest

Glitz-n-Glamour                                                            $250/$12

Pamper your guests with a spa like experience with wavy tresses, polished fingernails, make-up, and a crafty project (ex: loomed bracelets or beaded necklace). Decorate a jumbo rainbow cupcake or dress shaped cookies Make it a royal affair with a princess/prince spin. Arrive in costume and decorate crowns and wands/swords as the craft.

The Rainbow Cupcake                                                      $225/$12

Have a party in the kitchen and leave the mess to us. Make jumbo rainbow cupcakes and decorate with frosting and sprinkles. Complete a crafty project such as a pony bead cupcake.

Jungle Gym                                                                     $250/$1215

Play in the "Jungle Gym" with instructor led activities and free time. After playing in the jungle, guests will cool down with pizza and lemonade.

It's Magic                                                                       $295/$12

Enjoy a magic show with a real magician. Dr. Magic will amaze the party guests and even teach them a trick or two. Guests will also make their own edible wands. 

Step Right Up                                                                   $275/$15

Play Games. Win tickets. Earn prizes. Duck Pond, Spin a Prize and Disc Drop are samples of carnival games that can be played at your own private carnival. Take a break and enjoy fresh popped popcorn and top it off with pizza. 

Other Possibilities                                                                  TBD

Superheros, Princess with games, homemade pizza, and play date parties in the gym are other themes to consider. Have a theme your considering? Give us a call and let us help you design your party.

Add Ons

Pizza (large cheese) - $10                       Melty Beads - $5  min 6                              Jumbo cupcakes - $4 - min 6     

Gift Bags - $4.00                                      Pony Bead Craft - $5 min 6                         Pre-Party Gym Time - $25 - 15 minutes

Educational Arts Center - A Learning Center & Preschool


Parties By Designincludes a private party setting, party supplies (plates, napkins, cups, utensils) and lemonade for the party guests. A signature mat is our gift to the birthday guest that can be signed by all guests and a picture inserted to remember their special day. The base price includes up to 10 guests and a 2 hour party.